Friday, May 1, 2015


Independent Writing Term 1

               Hollie B crazy
Chapter.1 Christmas Day                                              By hollie donoghue

Once there was girl called Hollie B Crazy. People called her Hollie for short. Christmas was  the next day.  Hollie wanted a robot dog and some new Sandals and a new pencil case and a mini iPad but most of all she really wanted a pet turtle. So she went to sleep and the next day was Christmas. She woke  up early in the morning and opened  her presents. She opened them all but no turtle. Her mum said there is a surprise for you in the backyard". Why tell me what it is ?".wait is it a Christmas present? "her mum said “not telling you ". Why it is only one little clue please? " .Ok  fine it is a Christmas present ".oh I can't wait to see it” . So she went outside and there was in a tank was a family of turtles. One 1 month old baby turtle and one 9 year old turtle and parents. She screamed i  have been begging you for a long time, You are the best parents ever I love you guy's you are the best". Her aunty said what are you going to call them". I am  going call the mum Lisa and dad Kristin and the baby boy sam and the 9 year old girl is going be called let me think about that". they had to go out with there family and friends so they hopped in the car and drove to Zarife Junior.
It is a lunch cafe. Hollie had thought that is what she is going to call the 9 year old girl turtle. She going to call her Zarfie she told her family  her mum said “what a good name” her dad said “let me guess you got that from Zarife Junior the cafe” her little brother  said   “can I help you look after the family of turtles?” she thought about it she said “yes” he said “yay " The next minute he said to mum “can have a pet panda?” Her mum said no and the dad said  “why would you want a panda?".they are cute said the brother Sam.

chapter .2 finding out who stole the turtle

One day after another Hollie asked “do we have to go out to the supermarket?" yes"  said mum “Dad is away so you and your brother need to come with me". “fine " said Hollie  so they hopped  into the car and drove to the supermarket  and went down  the road while they were gone Hollie's window was wide open . Someone was walking past and broke in stole the turtles!
It took a long time until they had finished shopping, they just arrived home as soon as the robber left when Hollies mum opened the door with the key’s  Hollie rushed in the door and went into her own room  where were her turtle’s ? she looked everywhere and  even under the bed  she was crying  “Mum my turtles have been stolen”  darling i will help you look for them they can’t be stolen ‘’ well they are gone what do we do? " um we will call the police"  so Hollies mum called 111. 5 minutes later the police were at the house checking for clue's  they found a clue  a bit of some furry  scarf one part of the scarf  was purple and other was blue and pink Hollie was crying so much that she didn't feel like talking to anybody she closed the door it made a slam noise her mum came in her room and  said  darling bad things happen like this'" Hollie said I should of not left the window up so it is my fault " oh darling  it is not your fault in fact it no ones fault " but " no buts "  her mum said let's have huggle to make you happy. “Thank you mum”
they went out  and had dinner they had sushi. And they got a trumpet that is an ice cream
they got it from the diary in Ponsonby. Then they went straight  home after dinner and dessert.

Chapter.3 tracking down who stole the turtles  

The next day her little brother went to school and there was a new kid they became friends and friend was called koen  the next day they had a playdate at  koens house and  they went into koens room and there sitting down on the bedside table  was  Hollies turtles. Sam said hey” that is my sisters turtles”. Koen and Sam had fight about the turtles” can i please have them back.” koen asked his dad “he said yes Sam is right i stole them”  “why did you do that dad” so Sam gave them back to Hollie  the end goodbye